For 100 years, we've answered the call

Whether it's during a December snowstorm or the heat of a summer afternoon, 
the Old Saybrook Fire Department has answered your call for help 
...quickly and professionally.

Now we're asking YOU to answer our call to become part of a dedicated organization
of volunteers...professionals in the fire service, from all walks of life.

We offer many benefits to our membership, including:

  • Extensive, ongoing training in the fire services, including marine rescue and basic/advanced emergency medical services.
  • A town-sponsored pension program.
  • A town-sponsored tax abatement program.
  • The chance to be an unsung hero to your community.

New Member Application

Your hands will get dirty, you'll sweat some too, and you'll become part of an organization of men and women who share one thing in common ... the volunteer spirit to help those in need. 


Be one of the few who will answer our call. Continue the tradition...VOLUNTEER! 
For additional information send an email to

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