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February 2018 Training: Bloodborne/Airborne Pathogens
Apparatus Qualification

Driver Qualifier List
351 - Initial Qualification Checklist 351 - Requalification Checklist
352 - Initial Qualification Checklist 352 - Requalification Checklist
353 - Initial Qualification Checklist 353 - Requalification Checklist
371 - Initial Qualification Checklist 371 - Requalification Checklist
391 - Initial Qualification Checklist 391 - Requalification Checklist
388 - Initial Qualification Checklist

CT EMS Protocols / Letter CT EMS Protocols
CT EMS Protocols / Education Aid CT EMS Protocols / Course and Exam Instructions
CT BLS Scope of Practice Cardiac Arrest Guideline - CCR
Spinal Trauma Guidelines (updated 3/6/15)
Miscellaneous Material

Ice Commander Ice Rescue Suit MARSARS Water Rescue System
PHMSA 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook Search & Rescue Knots
(Index and Instructions)
Gas Meter (GX-2009) Training Videos Breathing Air Compressor Operating Procedures

Apparatus / Radio System

Radio System Introduction Radio System Operation and Maintenance
Regeneration Process for 391 and 352

Award System

OSFD Awards, Decorations and Uniform Guideline Manual Map of USA Fire Departments using the
Old Saybrook Award Program
Medal & Ribbon Price List Award Inqueries


Bylaws (PROTECTED) Standard Operating Guidelines (PROTECTED) Middlesex Hospital BLS Guidelines
CDL Medical Form DCF - Frequently Asked Questions DCF - Form to Complete (DCF136)

FEMA Training


IS100: Intro to the Incident Command System IS700: NIMS - An Introduction
Officers & Chiefs

IS100: Intro to the Incident Command System IS200: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
IS300: Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
Classroom only, see Training Division
IS700: NIMS - An Introduction
IS701: Multi-agency Coordination System IS702: Public Information System
IS703: Resource Management IS800: National Response Framework, An Introduction
Additional Classes for Chiefs

IS704: Comms and Information Management IS706: Intrastate Mutual Aid